Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blogging, yeah

I am barely sane. Go ahead, ask anyone who knows me. You won't be disappointed.

I often come up with crazygonuts things that sane people wouldn't consider but that's kind of what I do. And just when you think you figured out my craziness....*BAM* I'm somewhat normal (or sober). I might even stick to a crazy "middle of the road thanks much" stance for random things. I defy your feeble attempts at prediction!

barely coherent
I tend to be very wordy. I can't help it! I also switch styles a lot from common vernacular to research-like-whitepaper-makes-people-want-to-shoot-themselves form. It's because I learned to write in Grad school. You're still here reading my ramblings so try not to make a mess; exit wounds tend to be very sloppy.

...back in my day....
I've been around a while, done a lot of things, and did this blogging thing before we had a word for it. Seriously. My original blog was started in 1995 and you can see where it used to be here (no, I can't actually fix the mimezine link to point here because I can't remember my umich password). I knew HTML (like raw HTML) back when that meant something.

I have an eclectic memory that occasionally acts up. Sometimes I point out weird shit like the fact that a one pound lobster is about 7 years old. Sometimes I forget what I ordered at lunch.

so what?
Sometimes I might have a point. Most times not. Sometimes you gotta dig for it to figure it out but I'm probably not going to tell you I have a point unless it's about to smack you with the subtlety bat.

this is my gun
And this is my blog. Again.

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