Sunday, October 01, 2006


Yesterday I headed down to Rockford for dinner and games to Erik's place (otherwise known as martiank9 to the right there) with a bunch of friends. Had pizza, played some terribly amusing games including this one, then I went home late, went to bed, and got ridiculously sick.

They have two cats and two dogs and I am deathly allergic to both. I also recently found out (recently as in about five months ago) that I had outgrown most of my allergy to cut grass which means I no longer have an excuse to pay a ridiculous sum of money to have someone else mow my lawn for me. So I figure "hey, maybe my dog & cat allergies are also better." Yeah. Smooth. NOT ONE BIT.

So I feel a bit like death warmed over right now and I can't honestly think of when I've been sicker in the last like three years. I also can't get to the things I need to do today on account of not being able to see straight over the throbbing pain in my place where thinking happens. Mowing this week will just have to wait I'm afraid.

Even more terrifying is that I'm without game at the moment. Sword of the Stars might be an awesome game (I'll know more in about a week) but it is about as incredibly obtuse an interface as I can recall encountering in quite some time. I'm sure I'll rant about that here when I'm closer to coherent. So I'm stuck with Galciv 2 which I've played the hell out of and am quite bored with (though they do have a new patch that I didn't get), Sword of the Stars which requires me to read the manual (um, yeah), and...well...not a lot else. I was dismayed that I could not play one of my favorite games of all time because my machine is somehow incompatible. I know I got an old 486 around here somewhere...

EDIT: worst part yet? No beer. I'm convinced that the universe hates me.

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