Tuesday, January 02, 2007

GWA2006 Release

I ended up not finishing the postmortem until very late and wanted to read it over when not falling asleep. Here are two links that you can use to download the game and/or the docs courtesy of filefront:

Download gwa_v100.zip from FileFront!
Download gwa_docs.zip from FileFront!

The first is just version 1.00 of the game (about 1MB). The second contains the original design doc, the annotated design doc, and the postmortem in MS Word .doc files.

Excerpts from the postmortem, "Lessons Learned":
- Reliable and expedient tools are a MUST.
- Keeping the deadline in mind when evaluating new systems is crucial.
- Being able to throw features out or rework them is key.
- Reinventing the wheel is a lost cause.

January will be off of doing a game; I need some time to finish up some housework and to fix some of the issues of my engine. I expect to try again in February.

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