Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Tale of Pastries And Danger

Unless something terrible happens this month, I'll be building a game (yeah, I decided). Here is a snippet from the design doc:

3.1: The Story
You play the part of Thomas Eugene Howard Chuck, otherwise known as T.E.H. Chuck.

T.E.H. Chuck is Head Cakey Taster at the Intergalactic Cakey Tastes Corporation and has just been asked to oversee the Chocolate Covered Sponge Cake (With Tasty Cream Filling) plant on Alpha Nebulon 3. Alpha Nebulon 3 has a large native population that sustains itself on the very tasty chocolate veins that run through the planet; hence the Chocolate Covered Sponge Cake (With Tasty Cream Filling) plant located there.

The good news is that since chocolate is available in a mining state in great quantity, that it greatly reduces ICTC’s production costs and allows for a large degree of automation. The bad news is that the indigenous inhabitants of Alpha Nebulon 3 are both extremely hostile and not very happy about the corporation stealing their foodstuffs . Hence, any ICTC personnel found in the field tend to meet a terrible fate.

The plant on Alpha Nebulon 3 is in a remote area near a particularly rich chocolate deposit but the rest of the planet is undeveloped. Luckily, the surveyors left limited range transporters around in random places that can be used to move back and forth between the survey areas. Not so luckily, ICTC, in a further attempt to reduce costs, had the sentry guard systems in areas around the transporters installed by interns who weren’t very careful. So instead of installing a sentry guard system to protect the loyal employees of the ICTC, they instead ended up installing a veritable obstacle course of deadly disposition that isn’t quite smart enough to pick out human targets to not neutralize.

On the way to the plant, T.E.H. Chuck crashed his large shiny black sport utility spacecraft on Alpha Nebulon 3 while backing up trying to park. Luckily, the ship crashed a short distance away from the plant. Not so luckily, it was a short distance for a spacecraft which is quite a long distance for a Head Cakey Taster through a dangerous environment filled with hostile creatures who dislike the whole “stealing their food” bit.


martiank9 said...

I have no doubt this will be a million seller.

Quellia said...

Thanks, I needed that!

Roland Steedlam said...

Thats... ummm.. weird.
And yet, it all makes sense.
I hope there's a boss monster at the end that resembles a construction worker!

ktorrek said...

We might be able to arrange that.