Tuesday, September 30, 2008

AoC: Final Thoughts

Whereas I think that ultimately, AoC wanted to be a great game, it falls well short of the mark due to some designer shortsightedness, some very unfortunate bugs, and a posture that makes it fairly unapproachable by the masses. That said, I did quite enjoy a large part of it. Those of us who delve into this sphere of gaming all too often forget the parts that were good and fun when we get a' ranting and that's a shame. It is, after all, us, who largely determine its legacy.

More importantly, I think that in this day of (very) derivative design, that Funcom took a very bold step in an interesting direction. I can't say that I wholely agree with that direction, but in an age of autoattacks and the lowest common denominator, they struck out into the largely unexplored wilderness of more hardcore design. I think that's great and hope that more games strike out unto the unknown.

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