Sunday, August 25, 2013


I suppose this is how all blogs go--updated frequently in the beginning then kind of petering out near the end until someone stops paying the bills and then lights out! It seems that 2007 was a particularly good year and the last couple...err...not so much. I could say I'll be updating more frequently but TBH that's not exactly a high bar to set is it? How many of those links on the right even work?

Most days I don't even remember I have a blog despite the fact that it's on my business card. Luckily no one but Aaron Melcher actually reads anything here (HI AARON! GET BACK TO WORK!) I'm only here because in the course of going through some backups, I found the predecessor to this blog circa 1998-2002. That was before blogging had even been invented! I'd post some of that stuff here but it's rather embarrassing, much like my spelling. And my art.

I'd like to make an excuse and say that this year has been pretty busy but it kind of hasn't. My tortuous involvement in A:CM had pretty much wrapped up by February. Then there were a couple conferences (woo, new hardware)! I was "busy" with GW2 until like June but that doesn't really count (G:B:U posts on the way). Then there was this build which got quite a lot of press. She showed well at BrickFiesta and took "Best Space--Large" which puts me at 3/3 at Lego events. That was the beginning of July.

Now I've mostly been revisiting some stuff I've been putting off, like moving in and such. Now that I have time I've been going through my (vast) collection of mostly ancient hardware to see what works, what doesn't, and what I'd need to build a robot army to take over the world what parts I need to make what I've got functional. It always amazes me how well hardware ages.

I've also been BBQing which is way more fun than it sounds. Now that I live in Texas, I figure it's allowed--required even. I purchased a Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker which is serving me quite nicely. Many pork butts and "Pork Ribs, St Louis Style" later I think I've gotten the hang of it. Next weekend I hope to do my first beef brisket (again, Texas). Shit. Now I want BBQ.

That more or less brings us up to today. If I'm feeling especially frisky this week I'll try to clean some of this stuff up. I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you, tho.


BrandG said...

I'm tempted to share the post on reddit or something, DDOS the site, just to mess with you.

ktorrek said...

I have no idea what you'd have to do to make people from reddit show up here in droves. I can only imagine it would require ritual sacrifices or something.